Optimise your Intralogistics processes
by driverless transport systems and
Transport Robotics from EK Automation.

E&K Automation GmbH, founded by Dieter Eilers and Juergen Kirf in 1980, joined forces with Indumat GmbH at the start of this millennium. The group, now known as EK Automation, has more than fifty years of experience in the design and implementation of Automated Guided Vehicle systems.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and state-of-the-arts Transport Robots from EK Automation help you improve your intralogistics in a targeted manner; make many processes in your organisation more efficient and increase productivity.

Our AGV systems ensure smooth and reliable material flow in your production, warehouse and distribution facilities guaranteeing delivery of the right materials at the right time and to the right place. We do this in an intelligent, efficient, independent and cost-effective way.

Our Dynamic Logistics Simulation will help you better understand your logistics and material flow processes, whether simple or complex, prior to the detailed design phase, allowing you to see the benefits of introducing our AGVs to your operations.

As the market leader in the supply of Transport Robots, EK Automation delivers knowhow, experience and customised turnkey solutions for the most diverse applications.

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EK Transport robots in action.


Customised driverless transport systems for goods transport, load handling, replenishment and assembly.

Have the right materials delivered automatically when and where they are needed using transport robots, also known as driverless transport systems (DTS). EK Automation offers you optimisation of your material flow and warehouse operations in an intelligent, efficient, safe and cost-effective way using independent system components.

Where can you implement our AGV technology?

Specialists in Transport Robotics, Intralogistics and Simulation, EK Automation offers you Transport Robotics solutions for a variety of different applications. Automotive, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Paper and Print, Chemistry, Healthcare, Petrochemical and Packaging are among the many industries that are benefitting from our Transport Robotics technology; EK Automation has delivered around a thousand installations with more than nine thousand AGVs in operation.