More efficiency with Transport Robots

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Systems make a significant contribution to the optimisation of processes in intralogistics. They ensure that the right part is always in the right place at the right time. When using transport robots you increase the productivity of your company significantly. EK AUTOMATION is one of the European market leaders in the field of AGVs. We have more than 50 years of experience in the industry and have already installed more than 10,000 vehicles in more than 1,000 systems worldwide. We are convinced that we can find the optimum solution for your intralogistics processes!

We offer tailor-made transport robotics for almost any application.

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EK AUTOMATION is present in almost all industries where goods are transported intralogistically.

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Our Material Flow Simulations division have already been able to visualise the potential for process optimisation for many customers.

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Our transport robots move loads with weights from 0.5 kilogrammes up to 50 tonnes. They work indoors and outdoors and move goods at ground level as well as at heights of up to 14 metres.

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Our systems are the result of a continuously optimised modular system in combination with the best industrial technologies available on the market.

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All service concepts are tailored precisely to the needs of our customers.

We want you to be totally satisfied. That's why we put together an individual service package for you. Depending on your needs, with different modules - from hotline to individual on-site support. From intralogistics consulting to material flow simulation. With our training programme we also provide the necessary know-how for safe and efficient plant operation as well as for optimisation over the entire life cycle.

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So far we have more than

50 years of experience in transport robotics.

1,000 systems installed.

10,000 vehicles delivered.

Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS) - The Industry's Central Neural System of Industry 4.0


Driverless transport systems are the key for flexible production. Industry 4.0 requires intelligent, networked and flexible material flow solutions for the automated mass production of individualized products and the targeted transport of all goods. The industry assumes that autonomous transport robots will be the predominant means of transport in the intelligent factories of the Industry 4.0, since only they can guarantee the necessary flexibility in the material flow.


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