VDMA - New specialist department "Driverless Transport Systems" elects executive committee

1st general meeting of the new VDMA specialist department - more than 20 companies already active

Driverless transport systems play an increasingly important role in intelligent production and logistics. Against this background, the VDMA "Fachverband Fördertechnik und Intralogistik" (Association of German Machinery and Plant Manufacturers) set up an appropriate specialist department in February of this year.

The board of the new department was elected today at the first general meeting: Jan Drömer, CIO at E&K AUTOMATION GMBH, was appointed Spokesman of the Management Board. In addition to him, Arthur Kornmüller, Managing Director of DS AUTOMOTION GmbH, is also responsible for the tasks of the Board. "With the foundation of the specialist department, we are taking into account the importance of driverless transport systems in a constantly changing production world. Industry 4.0 demands solutions and uniform standards from us manufacturers, which we jointly develop in the specialist department," said Jan Drömer.

At the time of founding, 14 companies were active in the new specialist department; today there are already 22.


Quelle: https://www.vdma.org/v2viewer/-/v2article/render/26790404