Fully automated transport solutions

We provide turnkey AGV solutions for almost all industries, whether in assembly, production supply or disposal, order picking, warehousing or area linking. With more than 50 years of experience in the field of automation, we offer intelligent logistic solutions ranging from standardized AGV up to to 100% customer-specific transport robots based on industry-proven components.


Automated Material Transport Systems are important logistics applications, e.g. in hospital logistics.

Block Storage

AGV solutions for floor-level storage and self-supporting block storage, e.g. in the beverage and food industries.

Order Picking

Transport robots to support employees during internal order picking processes.

Assembly lines

Transport platforms that transport workpieces between workstations and on which they are assembled.


Fully autonomous transport vehicles for internal plant traffic.

Rack Storage

The transport robots "stack" the transported goods in block, row or cantilever bearings.

Tugger AGV

Driverless tractors with trailers for transport over long distances.

Heavy load

Transport vehicles in various designs for the internal transport of heavy loads.

Narrow-Aisle Warehouse

Vehicle systems for narrow aisles and applications in high-bay warehouses.

Special Solutions

Up to 100% project and customer-specific special solutions.

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