Assembly lines

Transport platforms for workpiece assembly and transport between workstations. The transport robots can be equipped with a variety of active or passive load handling devices (LAM) and serve as a platform or workbench, which, guided by work orders, moves the work stations. With this solution, non-stop availability can be ensured by inductive battery charging during travel. Here it is also possible to support the employees with robots and automation devices on the vehicle.

Reference Example

In the production of vehicle engines, the 105 transport vehicles of the product group CUSTOM MOVE serve as workbenches and drive off the assembly workstations with the car engine to be produced.  The rigid platform has a passive holding device for holding and fixing the workpiece. At the same time, the inductive track guidance ensures intermediate charging of the battery and thus 24/7 availability of the assembly vehicles.

Industry: Automotive
LAM: Passive
Navigation: Inductive lane guidance
Battery: Lead
Year: 2012


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