ATS - Automated Material Transport Systems

Automated Material Transport Systems (ATS) are important logistics applications used in hospital logistics. In ATS, transport robots take over the automated supply and removal for all areas, for example in hospitals and care facilities. There, the stations are supplied with material or food over several floors and at the same time unnecessary items, such as dishes, laundry or waste, are transported to the respective disposal areas. In near future, transport robots will take on more tasks in this area, such as transporting beds to the hospital room and providing individual care for individual patients.

Reference example

11 vehicles of the CUSTOM MOVE series supply and dispose of the station areas of the facility in the Italian Hospital Pistoia. The vehicles are characterised by a hygiene-friendly design made of stainless steel.
The containers which contain food, operting materials or waste for disposal are collected by the vehicle with a lifting table and moved safely in the public area.

  • Industry:  Healthcare
  • LAM: Lift table
  • Navigation: Contour Navigation
  • Battery: AGM
  • Year: 2011


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