Block Storage

Here we present AGV solutions for floor-level storage and self-supporting block storage using examples from the beverage and food industries. The transport robot stores stackable goods without racking or other devices above and next to each other in blocks. Block storage is suitable for goods with medium to high inventory per article. Block stacking is very flexible as block storage can be changed at any time. It is also inexpensive, as there are no additional costs for racking installations. The space requirement is relatively small with good clarity, and therefore block storage is suitable both for goods with low access frequency and with high withdrawal quantities. Block storage is particularly practical when no individual access to a particular good is required. Hybrid navigation is often used to navigate in block storage because laser or contour navigation is often not possible in the storage rows and an alternative type of navigation such as magnetic point navigation is used.

Reference example 1

In  9,000 m² chill store, operating at a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius, 90 transport robots fetch stillages from the filling lines in the world's largest milk factory of the company ARLA in England, storing them in the floor-level intermediate storage and supply the loading ramps at the goods despatch, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Industry: Food
  • FTS type:  VARIO MOVE
  • LAM: Fork
  • Navigation: Laser navigation
  • Battery: Li-Ion
  • Year: 2013


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Reference example 2

In a brewery in Dortmund, more than 10,000 pallets are stored and retrieved fully automatically 24/7 on a storage area of 9,000 m² up to four levels by a total of 17 COMPACT GG vehicles. The transport robot can distinguish between the pallet and the goods to be transported, guided by cameras, and store and retrieve them with high precision. The vehicles receive their orders from the ERP System via EK's "Transport Manager" program. Two pallets are collected simultaneously from roller conveyors and stored; the pallets are returned to these again when they are removed from storage.

  • Industry: Food
  • LAM: Double fork
  • Navigation: Hybridanaviation (Laser+Magnet)
  • Battery: Lead
  • Year: 2009

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