Where manual transport "across the yard" was previously necessary, an outdoor AGV now reliably travels between production halls or warehouses "across the yard" and closes process chains as well as material and goods flows. The vehicles navigate autonomously across the factory premises, cross railway tracks, open gates and doors and navigate to the transfer stations of production, the warehouse or the shipping department. It is important here to protect the transported goods from the effects of the weather and to ensure that AGVs are available at all times, regardless of the weather. EK AUTOMATION's transport robotics concepts for outdoor applications can be implemented with both special vehicles and automated series production industrial trucks. The AGVs are particularly reliable automation solutions designed for continuous 24/7 operation thanks to their robust design, the use of proven navigation systems, durable drive concepts and state-of-the-art personal protection equipment.

Reference example

In a German tobacco factory of Japan Tobacco Industries, the CUSTOM MOVE transport vehicles each take 6 material containers from roller conveyors and deliver them via the factory premises to the next production plant. They open the factory gates automatically and guarantee transport protected from the weather by roller shutter doors. Other technical features include automatic battery charging via contacts in the factory floor, a WLAN with alarm function, outdoor-approved IR transmitters, fully automatic communication with the hall gates and a device to ensure that there is no snow or ice outdoors even at low temperatures.

  • Branch: Food
  • LAM: Roller conveyor
  • Navigation: Inductive lane guidance
  • Battery: Li-Ion
  • Year: 2016


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