An intelligent charging strategy and powerful batteries guarantee constant vehicle availability.

Energy System

The selection of a suitable energy system is another important step in the planning of an AGV system with transport robots. The operating conditions such as operating time, shift operation, investment costs, floor conditions, etc. are the influencing factors for the selection of the suitable energy concept. With our more than 50 years of experience, we guarantee the selection of the most suitable energy supply for their customers in the planning and project planning phase.

What battery and charging technologies do we offer for your AGV?

Selection criteria for your individual AGV energy concept:



In 24-hour operation on 365 days the batteries have proven themselves extraordinarily and there was practically no battery defect yet. In particular, it should be mentioned that in the last 3 years no maintenance has been carried out on the batteries, which means high cost savings for the system operator. "Li-ION Batteries Inside" is available for almost all EK vehicles.

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