We guarantee the optimal connection of the AGVS to the processes.

Material Flow Control

As a platform for material flow control, we also offer our customers our production management system MES-CON, which is frequently used to control production processes or internal logistics processes, such as driverless transport systems.

What is MES-CON?

MES-CON OS helps the user with the handling of material flow and warehouse management. The driverless transport system software controls your modules process-oriented - from the control system over area control up to driverless transport systems. Thus, MES-CON is a modular, process-oriented operating production management system (MES), which connects the company management level (ERP) with the production level. The software integrates driverless transport systems as well as all production equipment involved in the material flow. This approach enables the holistic control of all processes. Based on the recorded process key figures, individual optimisation potentials are determined and weak points are identified.

Cost reduction through material flow simulation


The costs for a simulation are considerably lower than the costs incurred by non-simulation.

Consulting Tools

Our basic equipment includes trend-setting simulation technologies as well as ...

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