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Is an essential function of the transport robot and controls the direction and speed of travel in real time on the basis of position and destination. Based on the transport task and your general conditions, we select the type of navigation best suited to your application. Our multisensor-capable control basis enables hybrid systems and thus the most varied types of control. Our flexible systems are easy to change and expand. Therefore EK Navigation is a long-term safe innovation.

Contour navigation
NAV 100


Laser navigation
NAV 800


Magnetic point navigation


NAV 300, NAV 200


Optical Navigation
NAV 400


Inductive navigation with contactless energy transfer
NAV 600


Hybrid Navigation


When recording the requirements and environmental conditions for our customers' plants, important criteria in addition to the costs are the environmental requirements (e.g. flooring), the degree of flexibility required and the type of application.

Relevant criteria for
choosing the right navigation system


We are the only supplier of AGVS conveyor technology that can realise and combine all types of navigation. With our systems, the customer always has the direction and speed of the vehicles in view. When choosing the type of navigation, we are guided entirely by the local conditions.

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