Transport robots make our work safer.


Driverless transport systems move on general internal traffic routes. The demands on your safety are correspondingly high. When it comes to the important issue of personal and machine protection, customers can rely on EK AUTOMATION to ensure that everything runs smoothly and error-free. Our systems naturally comply with the relevant European safety regulations. In addition, we implement measures based on our many years of experience. We work with state-of-the-art, industry-proven standard components - additional components are possible at any time.

Personal protection laser scanner

with horizontal protective field

  • Enables high travel speeds
  • Adjustable warning and protective fields
  • Gentle braking due to predictive warning field
  • Non-contact safety
  • Space monitoring while driving past
  • Variable protective fields
  • European industrial standard

Blue Point Laser

We meet the highest quality requirements

We are constantly further developing the standard components of our safety systems. In this way, we ensure that they meet the highest requirements. Since we work with an open system, we can also easily consider additional requirements for FTS security.

Relevant standards for driverless transport systems

Functional safety is written in capital letters in the FTS design. The focus here is on applicable laws, regulations, standards and guidelines for product safety and accident prevention. Here you will find a compilation of relevant laws, regulations, standards and directives. This list does not claim to be complete.

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