Automated logistics increases efficiency and security in your company.

What is an AGVS?

Driverless transport systems (AGVSs) are automatically controlled, overhead conveyors that have their own drive and are guided without contact. The main task of AGVSs is internal material transport - both indoors and outdoors. Driverless transport systems are also referred to as Autonomous Transport Robots (ATR).

  • one or more Automated Guided Vehicles,
  • of a master control system,
  • Equipment for location determination and position recording,
  • Data transmission equipment
  • infrastructure and peripheral facilities.

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What are your advantages through the use of driverless transport systems?

  • Improvement of profitability and assurance of punctuality
  • More transparency in material flow + Optimization of the organization of your company
  • Reduction of transport damage + failure rates
  • Improve security in the enterprise
  • Short reaction times to changing order situations
  • Creating more humane jobs

Most importantly, automated logistics increases the efficiency and profitability of the customer!

Where can you use driverless transport systems and transport robotics sensibly?

Our AGVs perform a wide variety of tasks in almost all industries. Automotive, food, beverages and tobacco, printing and paper, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, plastics and packaging are just a few areas in which our more than 10,000 delivered vehicles are used in 1,000 systems worldwide.


How does EK AUTOMATION optimise your intralogistics?

EK optimises customers' processes and delivers turnkey systems, from planning to implementation, for both existing and new plants. The focus is on systems and control systems with conveyor technology, warehouse technology, warehouse management systems and turn-key solutions. However, this is only one part of our offer. In addition, we offer you complete process automation from plant control to the MES level as well as process analysis and optimisation using KPI, OEE and HACCP. Our core competencies also include process automation with MES-CON OS as an integrated solution - whether manual forklifts, stationary conveyor technology, robots, storage systems or driverless transport systems. MES-CON OS integrates, controls and delivers the key performance indicators required to optimise the customer's processes, thus increasing effectiveness and reducing costs.


Perfect organization of the material flow with simulation

When using transport robotics and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in intralogistics, it is crucial to precisely analyse the respective task and then optimally plan and adapt the system - from the individual vehicle to the control of the entire system. In order to achieve the best possible result, we offer dynamic simulation of material flows. Complex intralogistics systems can thus be dimensioned to fit precisely. System boundaries, bottlenecks, correlations, plant modifications and alternative solutions can also be precisely mapped. Our dynamic simulation is suitable for the planning, representation and optimisation of material flows of AGVS based and AGVS independent systems.

Autonomous transport vehicles find their route by means of laser navigation (with reflectors), contour navigation (the laser explores the space contours), magnet point navigation as well as inductive or tape navigation. A combination of several types of navigation per AGV can also be used. Automatic transport systems have been around for over 50 years. They are actually a sub-category of the mobile transport robot, which in future will make decisions and carry out its work interactively and decentrally.

Which FTS does the customer receive from EK AUTOMATION?

We have the optimal solution for almost every transport task. Our vehicles move loads from 5 kg to 50 t and lift them up to 14 m in height. Indoors and outdoor applications are also possible. In addition, we offer you all the techniques available on the market - e.g. modern laser navigation or magnetic point and contour guidance. The range of our AGVS ranges from the automated standard equipment of leading industrial truck manufacturers to compact, standardized vehicles to project-specific vehicles that we develop, design and manufacture to our customers' specifications.

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