The Compact Move is our counterbalance AGV with scalable performance data for automatic pallet handling with high requirements.


Standardized AGV for medium loads

The COMPACT line stands for standardized Driverless Transport Vehicles (AGV), which are optimised for the medium-heavy load range. With COMPACT we have placed particular emphasis on offering robust, manoeuvrable, service-friendly and therefore economical vehicles. COMPACT is suitable wherever a medium transport volume has to be transported without a driver on narrow transport routes.

Example COMPACT GG counterbalanced truck
for up to 1,200 kg load weight

The COMPACT GG is a powerful and economical counterbalance truck. It is optimized and equipped for quick and easy commissioning.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Small turning radii and narrow aisle widths, possible due to short length and manoeuvrable chassis (load transfer 90° to aisle from 3.2 m aisle width)
  • Torsion-resistant mast for large lifting heights up to 8 m
  • With fork sideshift and fork tilt optimally equipped for truck or container loading
  • 5 navigation technologies available, also in combination

What distinguishes the COMPACT MOVE:

Optimum transport performance - high forward and reverse speeds, up to 2 m/s depending on the vehicle.

Types of navigation can be combined with each other, e.g. laser navigation in the hall for the GG stacker and contour-dependent navigation during truck loading

Our modular system offers the ideal combination for your application - e.g. safety edges on the chassis, personal protection scanners or ultrasonic sensors.

Service friendliness
Easy access to all electrical and control parts. All controls are in accessible position.

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