With FAST MOVE we have redefined what is technically feasible.


This maximum mobility vehicle is scalable in size and can perform various transport tasks completely independently due to a multitude of different load handling devices. With an overall height of only 230 mm, a load capacity of 1,000 kg and a travel speed of up to 1,7 m/s, FAST MOVE establishes a completely new performance class in transport robotics.

Smart, automated production, that exploits Industry 4.0 requires intelligent, networked and flexible material flow solutions as well as the targeted transport of goods. The fully autonomous, ultra-flat FAST MOVE transport robot from EK AUTOMATION is highly mobile, individually scalable and versatile - and thus THE transport robot for industry 4.0.

The flexible, autonomous, scalable transport platform.


  • can move freely in all directions
  • enables faster load cycles
  • solves space problems
  • is an ultra-flat vehicle
  • moves loads up to a weight of 1.000 kg
  • reaches speeds up to 1,7 m/s
  • can be modularly adapted to any task
  • allows scaling of the chassis in 100 mm steps

Unlimited freedom and many possibilities

A total of 3 platform heights from 130 to 200 mm, 4 drive configurations and 11 different load handling attachments are available - this offers you a solution for every task. With the load handling modules, you can quickly and easily adapt the vehicle to changing tasks.

Lift table 140

The free lift raises the load 140 mm high. As with all models, the scanners have a 360° view. The FAST MOVE can exit from the charging aids both across and on the side.

Lift table 500

The free lift raises the load 150mm high. As with all models, the scanners have a 360° view. The FAST MOVE can exit from the charging aids both across and on the side.

Chain conveyor

The FAST MOVE can be equipped with suitable conveyors for the disposal of your palletisation, production lines or as a connection of a shelf warehouse to transport logistics.

Train pin

Up to three train pin with a lift of up to 50 mm ensure optimal power transmission and safe transport when pulling rolling containers or picking positions.

Push Pull

With our PUSH PULL device, we perform an active load game at a passive station. Many simple and cost-effective stations can be presented on an assembly line and placed flexibly.

Roller Road 90

Thanks to the variable vehicle length, the taxiway can also be used to transport two plates at the same time which increases the transport performance. Both lateral and roll-on, roll-off loading solutions are possible.

Roller Road 50

Equipment with roller tracks allows a quick lateral load transfer of cardboard boxes or plastic boxes. Multiple transfer lines can also be configured.


With variable and customised shelf structures, the FAST MOVE is optimally equipped for picking.

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