With HEAVY MOVE we offer a variable standard construction kit with a variety of load handling attachments for special loads and special challenges.


Universal driverless carrier vehicle for the high lift

The driverless HEAVY carrier vehicle can be equipped with any load handling device, regardless of whether you use roller conveyors, chain conveyors, passive racks or shelves. Due to the existing and proven basic design of the carrier vehicle, only the load handling attachment is adapted. The HEAVY MOVE  is designed as a modular system for high lift up to 12 m, for medium-heavy loads and surface-mounted trolleys. This means for you: a driverless transport vehicle with tailor-made technology, cost-effective and without risk.

Advantages of the HEAVY MOVE:

  • Proven basic design, individually adaptable thanks to modular design
  • Roller conveyors or chain conveyors - the load handling attachments can be adapted to your needs
  • Laser navigation - the market-leading and flexible navigation without any ground installation
  • User-friendly touch panel with graphic diagnostic display
  • Trolleys for diagonal and transverse travel
  • Optimally suited for multi-shift use thanks to energy system with automatic battery change or automatic battery recharging
  • Individual security packages for every application
  • Payload of up to 4,000 kg

What distinguishes the HEAVY MOVE series:

Minimal installation effort due to laser navigation ensures fast adaptation to your internal processes. You do not need any installations in the floor. The route and the stations are generated via CAD and transmitted to the HEAVY via download. The HEAVY MOVE then handles the transport task independently as an FTF. You have the direct benefit.

Service friendliness
Easy access to all electrical and control parts due to central arrangement in the front control cabinet. All operating elements are located in ergonomic height. The battery is quick and easy to reach, regardless of the energy concept.

Service-friendly personal protection laser scanners from SICK and the modular HEAVY system offer the ideal combination for your application in safety technology. Safety edges on the chassis round off the system.

Low investment and thus a short payback period.

Multiple load handling attachments and high travel speeds of up to 2 m/s. The HEAVY offers you maximum transport performance.

Manual operation
All vehicle actions can also be performed manually.

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