With Smart Move we offer cost-efficient transport solutions for all industries.


Series floor conveyor vehicles as driverless transport systems

For more than 20 years EK AUTOMATION has been automating production vehicles of well-known manufacturers of industrial trucks. We equip these production vehicles with navigation and control systems and adapt the entire system to customer requirements. Since these systems work with prepared modules, we can offer a cost-effective entry into the technology of automated guided vehicle systems for many applications in different industries. Other advantages of series production vehicles include short design and commissioning times, fast deliveries and flexible adaptation options. In addition, the vehicles can still be operated manually - e.g. for special tasks. We offer EK series equipment as tractors, low-lift trucks or high-lift trucks.

What distinguishes the SMART MOVE:

Large selection of navigation systems, suitable for every application. Driving routes can be easily set via entries at the operating terminal.

Service friendliness
Easy access to all electrical and control parts due to centralised arrangement of the front control cabinet. Operation via the user-friendly touch-screen terminal.

Safety and security
Optional side safety edges and non-contact obstacle detection round off the package.

The LINDE P30C with our BC315 on-board computer quickly pays for itself with low engineering costs and short commissioning times.

The LINDE P30C can be recharged with the on-board charger during transport breaks at any 230 V socket. This means that it is ready for operation for a long time thanks to its large battery capacity.

Manual operation
All manual functions of the production vehicle can still be used.

Use of components suitable for industrial use.

Quick installation
Direct benefit for production.

SMART MOVE L14 – Our top seller

With the automated high lift truck, we can store and retrieve your goods up to over 4,000 mm in racks.

The basic version of the SMART MOVE L14 is equipped with laser navigation, LI-ION energy system and personal protection scanners in both directions of travel.

Universal counterbalance truck


With load capacities of 600, 1,000, 1,200 and 1,600 kg, we offer you 4 models that are optimally designed for your transport task.
The SMART MOVE AC can be used to transport a large number of different loading aids.
The basic equipment of the SMART MOVE L14 is equipped with laser navigation, LI-ION energy system and personal protection scanners in both directions of travel.



With our SMART MOVE CUSTOM we adapt your SMART MOVE vehicles completely to your requirements.
We integrate mechanical load safety devices, hold-down devices, centring devices or special sensors into the standard modular system.


SMART MOVE OUTDOOR - EK AUTOMATION's automated series production trucks are also designed for short outdoor use.
We equip the vehicles with additional sensors and personal protection equipment so that the SMART MOVE vehicles can link hall areas, for example - even if there is a few metres of open space between the buildings.

SMART MOVE ERC 214 and 216

EK AUTOMATION has been automating Jungheinrich series production equipment since 1997.
The SMART MOVE ERC 214 and 216 is the model of the first hour.
The basic equipment of the SMART MOVE L14 is equipped with laser navigation, LI-ION energy system and personal protection scanners in both driving directions.


The ERE 225 is supplied with a short or long fork. In addition to forks for 2 pallets, we also offer special forks with a length of over 3,000 mm.
The automated low-platform trucks can transport up to 2,500 kg in automatic mode.
The SMART MOVE ERE 225 is supplied as basic equipment with laser navigation.
For added safety, the low-platform truck can also be equipped with personal protection scanners in the fork direction.
In addition to the manual battery change, automatic intermediate charging concepts with LI-ION are also available.

Driverless tractor


Simple concept with high towing capacity. The solution offers high transport performance at extremely low costs. With the P30C and P50C from LINDE MH, EK AUTOMATION has been successfully automating tractor vehicles for many years. With trailer loads of up to 5,000 kg and full manual operability, we offer you solutions for many tasks in which trailers are to be towed.

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