With VARIO MOVE, our fully automated transport robots with a range of different handling devices, we offer you safe, efficient and powerful industrial AGVs with maximum flexibility.


Powerful and efficient. Safe and precise. Sustainable and economical. The VARIO MOVE is characterised by decades of experience, an uncompromising demand for quality, the will to break new ground and the latest technology. Designed for the sustainable optimisation of your transport and material flow the fully automatic transport robot fulfils a multitude of transport requirements. The modular concept, maximised availability, maintenance-friendly design and an extraordinarily long life cycle ensure you enjoy sustainable cost and competitive advantages in the long run.


High-lift transport robot with narrow straddle support. 

As a fully automatic high-lift transport robot with straddle support, the VARIO MOVE L can transfer loads at heights up to 4,500 mm. Modern laser scanners and an optimised chassis ensure stability, enable high positioning accuracy and guarantee safe load collection and delivery, even at great heights.


Counterbalance transport robot with cantilevered forks.

The VARIO MOVE CB counterbalance robot is characterised by high flexibility with its cantilevered forks. It is ideally equipped for transporting special load carriers and closed pallets. Due to its very compact design, with a high load capacity of 1,600 kg, the VARIO MOVE CB is the optimum solution for many tasks.


Omni-directional mobile transport robot with conveyors.

Specially designed for high-performance systems, the VARIO MOVE CTO has 1 to n conveyors and can operate omni-directionally. Due to its high manoeuvrability, it can also be used efficiently in tight production environments. A wide range of additional safety devices and equipment options are available for the VARIO MOVE CTO to optimise your task.


Transport robots with automatic conveyor technology.

Connected to the drive module via a universal interface, the VARIO MOVE CT is adapted to your specific task. One or more roller or chain conveyors can be combined with the VARIO MOVE drive module. Additional functions such as load hold-down devices can be provided. The VARIO MOVE CT is particularly powerful and reaches speeds of up to 2m/s.


High-lift transport robot with external straddles.

With its external straddles, the VARIO MOVE AS can be used to transport special load carriers and closed pallets. Its short wheelbase enables the VARIO MOVE AS to drive a very small turning circle and to be available for fully automatic transport even in narrow production areas and racking systems. The VARIO MOVE AS has lifting masts for lifting up to 4,500 mm and with a load capacity of up to 1,600 kg.


The VARIO MOVE drive unit with module interface to the various trolleys.


The matching attachments for the VARIO MOVE transport robot with lift mast and forks.


An optimised selection of lifting masts is available for the VARIO MOVE.


Different fork and active conveyor attachments offer a wide range of applications for the 

What distinguishes the VARIO MOVE:

Safe, efficient and powerful over the entire life cycle.

Significantly longer life cycle compared to other series-produced industrial trucks.

Short delivery time
Shortened delivery time enables early cost savings.

Fast amortisation
Reduced process costs and higher savings right from the start.

Always available
Innovative, maintenance-free Li-Ion battery system and automatic charging.

Reduced operating costs
Maintenance-friendly design and extended service intervals reduce operating costs.

Personal and property protection
Highest security standards protect your employees. Additional 2D and 3D scanners can protect goods, warehouse equipment and machines.

Legal security
Compliance with the applicable directives, standards and regulations.

Variable vehicle concept - adaptable to new requirements.

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